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How RunningBelt Running Belts Work

Ditch the Running Armband and Running Pouch

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle – whether you're running marathons or walking regularly. But all the things we need to carry with us while working out these days makes exercising more complicated and cumbersome. Where do you keep you keys, phone, ID, cash and cards, etc.?

Running armbands don't fit everything and running pouches bounce uncomfortably. The RunningBelt fitness belt easily fits all your items – including large phones like the iPhone 6 – and stays flat on your waist without riding up or chaffing.

Whether you're hitting the gym, hiking, running, traveling, or simply out shopping, the RunningBelt allows you to keep all your "must haves" secure and close by while allowing you to be comfortably hands free and mobile.

Why RunningBelt is the Best Running Belt


Unlike one-off solutions like running armbands, the RunningBelt easily, comfortably and securely fits everything you need while exercising – from your large phone to your keys and other small items.


The RunningBelt stays where you want it – no riding up, shifting or bouncing uncomfortably. That’s important when you’re moving. So go ahead—do jumping jacks, climb a mountain, go biking, get moving!


Running pouches and armbands often have their own heft and can make you feel lopsided. The RunningBelt, made of lightweight, durable micro-poly and lycra, is a featherweight in comparison.


The material used for the RunningBelt is super stretchy, so it perfectly fits your waist and your iPhone 6+ or Nexus 5. No buckles, adjustable bands or anything else to fiddle with.

Customize your perfect belt: Our add-ons give you the extra flexibility to carry exactly what you need whether you are going long or staying close to home. Choose from our hydration add-on, phone add-on, or sunglasses add-on to create a versatile system that works for every step of your journey.

Lightweight & Durable Waterproof Bag / Running Belts / Runners Belt / Race Belt – Fitness Workout Belt for Both Men and Women – Fit for iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, BlackBerry and Most Smartphones – Waist Pack Belt / Runners Belt Waist Pouch / Sport Running Waist Bag / Runner’s Waist Pack Protects items during Workouts, Cycling, Hiking, Walking, Running, Sports, Leisure and All Outdoor Activities

Customer Reviews:

Posted by Dawn on 04/06/2016
12 reviews

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with an Otter Box case and my phone fit in the larger sized baggie with the case still on and I really love that I can still use my phone with it inside the baggie.

Great product
Posted by Disa Dyson on 04/05/2016
12 reviews

I'm very happy with this product. I like the tight fit and that you're able to push button with its inside the bag

Safe & Dry!
Posted by Laurie on 10/15/2015
12 reviews

I purchased these to replace one I had worn out and used them for a color dash 5k I just did. Everyone else was worrying about getting the paint all over their phones and stuff while mine was all safe, secure and dry in the lok bags! Everyone who saw them thought I was the smartest person there, ha ha! I've used these for 5 Tough Mudders now to carry my fitbit and it hasn't gotten a speck or mud or a drop of water on it yet! I've also used them for my phone & keys when I'm out training in wet, rainy weather. These bags are priceless!

Works great.
Posted by Chris on 10/02/2015
12 reviews

I bought the largest size since I have a Samsung Galaxy. Even then, my otterbox case would not fit, so I had to go with a thinner cellphone case that would fit. I wish the bag was just a little bigger as I see no downside to this as phones are only getting bigger. Other than that, I can happily say that it works better than a ziploc bag as sometimes I would get condensation. This has yet to happen with the Loksak.

Great product
Posted by Chris on 10/02/2015
12 reviews

I've had the flipbelt for 11 months and have never had a problem. It works as advertised and I have recommended it to my running friends. Works perfectly when you want to run with wireless headphones and your phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy and it fits nicely with no problems.